Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Thesis Still to One Art One Love ("finished film")


Six months ago, no wait five months ago I had a thesis still with some lighting tests. Now I have a "finished film". Holy Crap.

At my screening my professor Jose Garcia Moreno had said You can either love animation, hate animation, or have a love hate relationship with animation. I definitely have a love hate relationship. but at least its more like an 80 20 (love, hate respectively) relationship. Animation is just this magical wonderful thing that no matter how many hours you sacrifice it mildly pays you back, and just brings a smile to my face knowing that A. I made this out of nothing and B. This could potentially entertain someone if not for just one second. Awesome Pants. I could be more a little more articulate but it is 1:25am, and ever since I finished my thesis staying up this late hasn't happened. In any case I thought to update my blog with my "finished film". That last part is in quotes cause the whole movie was animated in a month. I'd like to go back throughout the summer and fix every scene plus add sound effects (there's a story behind that, but i'll spare you the details unless you ask ;).

And without further ado: One Art One Love

P.S If for some reason the video doesn't work here the title links to the youtube page!

Thanks for watching and reading!

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