Friday, July 8, 2011

Reel Intro!

Hello to my fourteen loyal followers, and anyone who got here through the random next blog feature.

The rest of you don't get any salutations!!!!!!! Just Kidding. Seriously thanks for visiting my blog.

Ok, so i've been playing with animating and here's an intro to my future rigging reel. I've noticed that a lot of reels have a quick creative opening now, and as I was playing with a deck of cards, and I thought of this idea. I don't know if it's too flashy (like so a text flare), but I thought it was cute. I have a decent list that I want to accomplish, though I anticipate it taking a little longer than expected. So hopefully my sophomore wish will come true and I can work at a real fancy studio while playing with animation related stuffs...after all I have a real strange love for Microsoft Excel and movie budget spreadsheets (I'm just really fascinated with Microsoft Excel...functions!)

Also that business card will end up having a texture with my own logo, and my actual contact info.

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